Pediatric Dentistry

At New Hope-Solebury Dental Associates we will provide exceptional specialty care for your children. We strive to provide a preventative approach to your child’s dental healthcare, paving a fun, warm and relaxed atmosphere for your family. Our office is not a high volume practice where too many patients are seen at once without much personal time with the doctor.

You will be impressed with our personal individualized approach in treating children where parents are encouraged to observe and participate in the dental visit. At New Hope-Solebury Dental Associates we hope to do more than meet your family’s needs. We want to exceed your expectations.

  • Parents allowed in the room
  • Composite resin (white) fillings
  • Preventative services such as sealants
  • Nitrous sedation is available
  • Home care instructions emphasized including brushing and flossing
  • Fluoride tablets prescribed to those in non-fluoridated areas
  • Toothprints bite impressions for use in child identification
  • Interceptive and Ivisalign orthodontic treatment
  • Dentistry for Special Needs patients
  • Hospital Dentistry under general anesthesia

Establishing relationships with a physician and dentist are certainly important decisions that should not be made haphazardly. Gathering specific information to make an informed decision can be difficult when you don’t know where to start. We would like to tell you a little about ourselves so that you can make an intelligent decision concerning your child’s dental healthcare. At New Hope-Solebury Dental Associates we provide exceptional care for your child by a specialist. Just as you trust your child’s medical care to a Pediatrician a Pediatric Dentist is the specialist who is best trained to treat your child’s dental healthcare needs.

Dr. Meghan will treat your children with the most cutting-edge technologies and philosophies in Pediatric Dentistry, always emphasizing prevention first. As a pediatric specialist she will monitor the growth and development of your child’s teeth and jaws for potential orthodontic problems. She will provide the information you need in order to help you make informed decisions concerning your child’s dental healthcare.

Most importantly, Dr. Meghan’s caring and gentle personality is what makes her so successful in treating children. She has true appreciation for children’s fears and compassionately addresses them. We are confident that you and your child will be delighted with her concerned, devoted and professional manner.

Financial & Payment Information

Both Dr. Reiss (Orthodontist) and Dr. Meghan (Pediatric Dentist) participate with many insurance plans.